The social and sustainable bonus program.



Boost your social and sustainable score.
Save earned points or take chance to double points!
What type of person are you?

Where can I collect points ?

Boosting your account with more points is very easy.

Just download the Herr Westermann App and scan our sensor with your smartphone.


Public Transport & Sharing Mobility

Scan the sensor in the train, bus or after using sharing mobility and collect points.


Wash & disinfect your hands

Scan the sensor after washing your hands and collect points.

Got your own idea?

Flexible usage

Decide yourself what your employees, members or customers should collect points for.

Why Herr Westermann ?


Since Covid19, 36% of public transport and sharing mobility users switched to using the car due to hygiene concerns.

With our app we can win back up to 11% costumers and promote sustainable mobility.


Collected points are used on the app to get in touch with people around you.

Due to its playful and digital gamification approach you, contact restrictions do not apply to Herr Westermann.


About 65% of people do not wash their hands regularly after using the toilet. 90% of all infections are transmitted via hand contact.

We can ensure that the number of people washing hands increases by 55%.

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