Collect points

wherever you find our sensors.


Sensor can be installed in buses, trains, at sinks or at disinfectant dispensers in a few seconds.
Users of the Herr Westermann App simply scan our sensor in the bus, on the train or after washing their hands and receive points.

The Herr Westermann App

Points are not just collected. Through gamification, users can challenge each other.

Collect Points

Get points on the app for using the bus and train or for washing your hands.

Double points

Collect points classically or full risk and gamble? Gamification makes it possible.

Connecting People

The H.WM Messenger. Playful networking despite contact restrictions.

Win prizes

You have collected enough points? Exchange them for sustainable prizes.

What You will get


H.WM Sensor

Points can be collected wherever our sensors are installed. You can install the sensor in a few seconds. Contact us how many you need.

An app tailored to your needs

We create an individual event on our app for you!
You prefer to use our functions in your app? Also no problem!

NEW in the Appstore

This is what your customers,

members or employees get


Herr Westermann App

Collecting points, meet people and win prizes. The app is for free.


Partner will place sustainable prizes on our app. If you want to create an event on the app, where your own employees or member should win own tylored prices. Thats possible.